Degree Programs

At a top-ranked global university in the fastest growing city in the U.S., students learn not just the rule of law but also develop the intellectual tools, problem-solving skills and ethical compass to excel as lawyers and professionals anywhere in the world.

UW Law’s holistic approach to academic and career support means that students confidently pursue both their education goals and professional aspirations. We believe in providing a rich and rigorous intellectual experience coupled with collegiality and hands-on education. Our location in Seattle, one of the most innovative areas in the country, enables us to partner with lawyers who serve as real-world educators and provide immersive learning opportunities.

J.D. Concentrations

At UW, students define the trajectory of their education and have the option of pursuing expertise — and a notation on your transcript upon completion — in nine specific areas.

Experiential Learning

Students work on real cases, transactions and projects through a variety of hands-on learning opportunities. Students will gain the skills needed to succeed in the evolving legal profession.

Participating in a clinic gave me a wide breadth of experience including working with clients and legislative work. And the connections with students, professors and outside attorneys was invaluable.
— Danielle Ollero

Undergraduate Programs

UW Law has a robust catalog of undergraduate course offerings. These courses, taught by law school faculty, are designed to provide undergraduate students with an understanding of the law, its applicability in and impact on virtually every major field of study.

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