Professional Education Limited License Legal Technician Program in Family Law (LLLT)

Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT) advise and assist people going through divorce, child custody and other family-law matters in Washington. The LLLT program allows experienced paralegals or legal assistants to consult, advise and support clients in navigating the legal system without having completed a JD.

The LLLT role was created to offer affordable options for legal services, particularly in certain practice areas with high demand, and is a great way to be part of increasing accessibility to legal assistance. The first identified high-demand practice area is family law.

Applicants for the licensing examination must complete:

  • An associate level degree
  • 45 credits of core education requirements in legal studies at an ABA-approved law school or ABA-approved paralegal program or an educational institution with an approved LLLT core curriculum program
  • Practice area courses in each practice area in which the applicant wishes to be licensed (currently these courses are in the area of Family Law)

Family Law Course Curriculum

The Family Law course curriculum was developed by a Family Law Curriculum Workgroup composed of representatives from Gonzaga University School of Law, Seattle University School of Law, and the University of Washington School of Law.

The Family Law curriculum course requirements are as follows:

  • 5 credit hours in basic domestic relations subjects
  • 10 credit hours in advanced and Washington-specific domestic relations subjects.
All three family law courses are taught online. Students must take Family Law 1 first. They can take Family Law 2 or 3 in any order, but classes are only offered once per year. The next offering of Family Law 1 will be no sooner than Fall 2020.


Registration Process

Visit the WSBA web site to learn how to enroll in the LLLT family law courses.

Upon qualification, the WSBA will provide the applicant with a URL to access the UW Law LLLT Family Law registration page. This UW Law registration will allow the applicant to access enrollment in the Family Law class, gather pertinent data necessary for a password to the course webpage and Adobe Connect website, and pay tuition for the program.

Important Dates and Deadlines

December 31, 2023

The final deadline to apply for a waiver with the WSBA is December 31, 2023. Approved waivers will expire December 31, 2025.

LLLT Family Law Program Tuition

Tuition for the Family Law LLLT Program is $250 per credit.

Each 5-credit Family Law course will cost $1,250, not including university fees. Tuition in the amount of $1,250 is due by the first day of class.