What’s Unique about the Race and Justice Clinic?

The Race and Justice Clinic is a problem-solving clinic dedicated to teaching students how to examine a social problem and the lawyer's role in creating solutions. Rather than work in one domain, for example, legislative advocacy or direct client representation, students will engage in advocacy in multiple forums. A critical component of the Race and Justice Clinic will be to engage with community members to approach the problem of increasing disproportionate minority confinement in the juvenile justice system and come up with a plan for addressing the issues. Students will be responsible for crafting a targeted plan which, will include working with community coalitions, developing and delivering community education and directly representing juvenile clients in juvenile justice, education or child welfare proceedings.

Substantive Practice Area

The substantive practice areas may include juvenile criminal proceedings, child welfare proceedings, and/or school and education related proceedings.

Where We Practice

Direct representation will likely occur in King County Juvenile Court; however, students may engage in broader state-wide advocacy work.

Skills Focus

  • Coalition building
  • Community advocacy
  • Interviewing and counseling
  • Multi-disciplinary problem solving
  • Community education
  • Oral advocacy in multiple forums