The work is rewarding, challenging and relevant to my chosen career path. I am confident that being a part of the Clinic has given me opportunities and perspectives that would not have been available otherwise.
— Beth Hutchens, JD

About the Technology Law and Policy Clinic

The Technology Law and Public Policy Clinic works at the center of public policy and technology. The clinic has written legislation establishing Washington State's Office of Privacy and Data Security, worked with the Uniform Law Commission creating establishing policies on the testing of autonomous vehicles (driverless cars) on public highways and composed materials leading to the passage of a Washington House Bill 1788, which outlawed non-consensual pornography (also known as "revenge porn"). Tech Law clinicians learn about the policy making process, undertake a project where high tech and public policy intersect and create a product in the form of a law or white paper. Students have provided the University of Washington with advice on regulating the on-campus use of drones, advised the computer department on the liability for making available TOR exit nodes and composed a paper on IP rights and three dimensional printers. The Tech Law Clinic is a unique opportunity to learn the policy making process by making policy.


2016-2017 student initiatives:

  • Crafting a law addressing and resolving invasion of privacy problems arising through the use of drones
  • Composing a paper on social media monitoring and offering solutions which will curb abusive uses of this tool
  • Drafting guidelines on the use of personal communications devices by state employees
  • Writing a legislative proposal permitting the testing and eventual use of autonomous commercial vehicles on Washington roadways
  • Reviewing and updating the City of Seattle's surveillance ordinance
  • Drafting and proposing amendments to Washington State's Public Records Act

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