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Externship registration is open for WINTER QUARTER 2024.
PLAN AHEAD! - ALL Externship Registration materials for winter quarter DUE DECEMBER 15

The Externship Program provides law students with the opportunity to gain valuable legal experience while earning academic credit. An externship is an experiential learning course available to all LL.M. students and J.D. students who have completed one full academic year of law school.

Students engage in substantial lawyering activities under the supervision of a licensed judge or attorney at a variety of host sites. Through externships, students get out of the classroom and work in the field, handling real legal work, developing legal skills and substantive knowledge of the law, solving legal problems in real-life situations and learning daily activities of legal practice.

Externships follow ABA Standard 304 for Field Placements and include:

  1. An outside legal learning experience supervised by an attorney or judge at a host site.
  2. A 2-credit companion seminar. The seminar is an evening class lead by the faculty supervisor and is required for all first-time externs.

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