Through externships, students get out of the classroom and work in the field, handling real legal work under the supervision of an attorney-mentor. Students develop legal skills and substantive knowledge of the law, solve legal problems in real-life situations, learn daily activities of legal practice and engage in faculty-guided reflection to hone their skills and ability.

Our location in Seattle — a vibrant hotbed of technology, innovation, progressive policymaking, philanthropy and more — provides ample opportunities for externships. But our reach doesn’t stop at the Puget Sound. We offer a wide range of practice settings throughout the country and even abroad.

A public service externship of two credits or more will fulfill the public service graduation requirement for students in the JD program. UW Law also offers students a wide range of experiential learning opportunities through the Clinical Law Program.

COVID-19 Externship Policy for Spring 2020

On March 18, 2020, the University of Washington announced that classes and instruction would be offered remotely throughout spring quarter. This poses a special challenge for students who were planning to complete some or all of their work at externship sites off-campus during spring quarter. This policy was developed to help ensure students’ academic success while protecting the health of our community during this public health crisis.

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