How to Register for an Externship

Registration for an externship is different from other courses. Students do not self-register and there are no add codes.

To request registration for an externship, please complete the Registration Request Form by the posted deadline. After registration requests are reviewed and approved, Academic Services will register the student for the externship and relevant seminar, if applicable.

Seminar Requirements

Students must take an approved seminar concurrently in the following instances:

- In any quarter during which a student takes an externship of six (6) or more credits;

- If a student takes six (6) or more credits at the same externship site over multiple quarters; or

- If a student is taking C530 or C535.

The primary approved seminar is B567 General Externship Perspectives Seminar. Please check the course schedule for class times.

Credits earned for the seminar are in addition to those earned for hours worked at the externship host site, and they do not count toward the externship/non-law credit limit.