Thank you for your interest in hosting an extern from the University of Washington School of Law. Please review the expectations for externship host sites and site supervisors below. For-profit externship sites are limited to corporate counsel offices and small firms (10 or fewer attorneys). All site supervisors must be judges or attorneys who have been admitted to practice in at least one jurisdiction for at least 3 years.

Externship Host Site

Qualified organizations may include government agencies, judicial chambers, legal aid offices, positions with the legislature, public defender offices, public interest organizations or other public service legal work for an organization. Organizations must be pre-approved. To be added to the list of Pre-approved Externships, or to renew if more than 2 years have passed without an extern from UW School of Law, please contact the Externship Program Director.

Externship host sites must provide the law student with an appropriate work station, adequate training and assignments that are both educational and challenging.

Site Supervisor

A site supervisor must be:

  • A judge or attorney admitted to practice law.
  • A regular employee of the Externship host site, or, if not a regular employee, one who has been appointed by the Externship host site to assume principal responsibility for the legal matters upon which the student works.
  • An employee of the host site for at least three years, and/or have at least three years of practice experience related to the subject matter of the externship.