Preparing for the Bar Exam as an LL.M. Student

UW School of Law’s commitment to supporting international LL.M. students extends beyond the classroom. Our bar support program is designed to give the foundation you need to approach the exam with confidence.

From the moment LL.M. students are admitted, the admissions materials and orientation packets explain the bar examination options. Our in-person orientation program consists of several bar preparation sessions to help students explore their options, understand the various state bar requirements and determine whether pursuing admission to a U.S. bar is a good choice for them. We also accept LL.M. graduates and students from other universities as graduate non-matriculated students who seek to prepare for the Washington bar exam.

Our LL.M. graduates primarily take the bar exam in California, New York or Washington.

Early Start Course

For students who want to begin their studies prior to arriving at UW School of Law, we offer Constitutional Law I: Constitutional Structures of Government as an online course taken wherever the student happens to be. We are currently developing additional course offerings for the future.

Bar Courses with Dedicated LL.M. Instructors

We offer a combination of bar-required courses with specific LL.M. professors. Our faculty members integrate bar-oriented exercises and practice questions in these substantive courses. Our comprehensive portfolio of bar-required courses allows students to meet the requirements necessary to take the Washington, New York and California state bar exams.

Bar Preparation Course

In addition to providing the courses needed to meet various state bar requirements, we offer a specialized bar preparation course, which provides students with an early opportunity to learn helpful bar exam strategies. This four-credit course complements the full-fledged bar review course that we recommend each student take prior to sitting for the bar exam.

Strong Peer Support

Our LL.M. students and graduates provide each other a strong network of support while studying for the bar exam. The students have created an active social media presence, mentorship opportunities and social gatherings to help each other. We also host an annual panel of graduates who have passed the bar to share their successful bar strategies.