Graduate Non-Matriculant Study

Occasionally there are students who have a need to take courses at a law school without joining a program that leads to a degree. Interested applicants should reach out to us at before submitting an application.

To be eligible, applicants must generally meet the eligibility requirements for the degree program associated with the GNM, including the UW Graduate School requirements, and must be permanent residents or United States Citizens (if you are in any status that allows study in the U.S. without needing to switch to an F or J visa, then GNM studies are permitted; check with your immigration attorney if there is any doubt). In addition to Graduate School requirements, we may require an interview for GNM admission.

We may accept GNM students in the following circumstances:

LL.M. Graduates seeking Bar eligibility

Students who need one or more courses to become eligible to sit for the Washington State Bar. To qualify for GNM admission, applicants must have a foreign law degree that qualifies them to practice law or sit for a bar in their home country, and they must have earned an LL.M. at an ABA-approved U.S. law school.

To start a discussion of the application process, send an email to In order to be approved to apply, you must send this form to us, which requires having the registrar at your LL.M. program confirm that you have completed a minimum of 1400 minutes in legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem solving and oral and written communication.

Tax Lawyers

Tax professionals who qualify for admission to an LL.M. program and would like to take only one or two specific courses to deepen their knowledge of Tax law. For students who eventually decide to pursue an LL.M. degree, a maximum of 12 GNM quarter credits can be applied towards a degree. In many cases it is advised to join the program and take courses part-time, rather than to join as a GNM student. Part-time students may go on leave for $25 per quarter, whereas GNM students must take at least one course per quarter in order to maintain their student status, and are required to reapply after one quarter of not taking courses.

Interested lawyers can email for instructions on applying.


Lawyers who qualify for LL.M. admission and are sure they need only a course or two, and do not plan to pursue a graduate degree.

Interested lawyers can email, explaining their need for GNM study.

Domestic Applicants with low GPAs

In rare cases, applicants to our LL.M. programs who do not meet the minimum admissions requirements may be admitted for one quarter of GNM study. To be eligible, applicants must generally be eligible for admission to an LL.M., with perhaps a GPA that does not meet the minimum admissions requirement. All GNM students must formally satisfy the Graduate School’s English proficiency requirement. After one quarter of GNM study, students who perform well in their law courses can reapply to enter as a degree-seeking student (admission is not guaranteed). A maximum of 12 quarter credits can be transferred from GNM study to a degree seeking program.

Course Registration and Policies

Once admitted, GNM students are not guaranteed registration, and can be registered for courses in any given quarter only on a space-available basis, and may not displace degree-seeking students from courses that fill to capacity.

GNM students may be dropped for low grades or Honor Code violations. Enrollment during any quarter does not guarantee future enrollment.

GNM students, once enrolled in courses according to UW and UW School of Law policies, have access to course materials, UW School of Law classrooms, and the UW libraries and law library resources needed for completing coursework. No other UW services, including career services, are provided.

Applicants interested in taking law courses who do not meet any of the conditions listed above are not eligible to take law courses via UW School of Law Graduate Programs. We do not have a pathway for non-lawyers to apply through Graduate Programs in order to take courses as non-degree-seeking students.

Current UW students interested in taking law courses need approval using the Course Permission for Non-Law Students form.


The School of Law does not have any funding available for GNM students. Tax GNM students pay the Taxation LL.M. rate, and all others pay the Health LL.M. rate. See Tuition and Fees for more information.

Application Deadlines

  • Autumn (September) entry: July 1
  • Winter (January) entry: Nov. 1 of previous calendar year
  • Spring (late March) entry: Feb. 1

Applications submitted past the deadline, or without prior approval from the program, may be denied without review.