Pursue study that meets your interests

The General Law LL.M. program offers a customizable course of study for domestic and international students whose interest areas do not entirely fit into one of the specialized tracks. Some students have significant professional experience and aim to change practice sectors, while others seek additional credentials to launch their career, or to qualify for a bar examination in one of the U.S. jurisdictions that admit lawyers trained outside the U.S. Students have the flexibility to take the courses they want in pursuit of their professional interests and personal aspirations.

Flexible curriculum, strong student support

UW Law has been a leader in advanced legal education for U.S. and international lawyers with its teaching, research and public policy work. LL.M. students in the General Law program take classes with J.D., M.J. and LL.M. students in other programs, and select courses from our extensive offerings that match their goals, including the desire to qualify for a U.S. bar exam. Students may pursue interdisciplinary studies or focus in a particular substantive area, such as dispute resolution, criminal justice system, constitutional and administrative law or the American legal system in general.

After fulfilling common core requirements, students will work with the General LL.M. program director to create a custom focus on their area of interest from available elective courses at the law school and the UW.


The General Law LL.M. curriculum features few required courses and maximum flexibility in selecting elective courses from our extensive course catalog. Students may pursue cross-cutting and interdisciplinary studies, or focus in a particular substantive area to meet personal interests and career goals.

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Christopher Gerard standing by the W sculpture on Memorial Way

As a graduate student whose interests are in public law and family law, the General Law LL.M. has been ideal. Through its innate flexibility, the General Law LL.M. has enabled me to design a course of study tailored to these areas of interest, while not being constrained to a specialized ‘track’ of study.

Christopher Gerard, General Law LL.M.