As one of the leading research institutions in the country, the University of Washington is an excellent setting for the Health Law LL.M. program. This program provides a comprehensive education in the field of health law by drawing upon UW's robust medical and health law communities, hospitals, and medical research institutes. The LL.M. degree requires the completion of 40 quarter hours of course credit.* Full-time students can typically complete the course of study within one, nine-month academic year.

Required core courses:

At least one of the following:

In addition to the above required courses, participation in one of the Program's seminar courses with a major research and writing project is also required:


  • By enrolling in a 1-2 credit independent study (LAW 600) to extend a paper written in a previously completed health law-related course. Examples of courses are Global Health Law, International Research Ethics, Law & Policy, Disability Law, and Beginning of Life.

The remaining 27 additional credits will be drawn from a list of approved elective courses in which at least 20 of these credits must be law school courses. Additionally, students may also earn 1-6 course credits through a health law practicum, which allows students to engage in experiential learning in real-life legal settings and also provides them access to potential employers and networking opportunities. Within these elective credits, students are allowed to take up to 10 credits in courses outside of the list of approved electives including basic American law classes in order to satisfy the New York or Washington Bar Exam requirements and courses outside of the Law School with director approval.

* International students interested in taking the New York or Washington State Bar examination should anticipate taking between 43-45 quarter hours of course credit to complete both the requirements of the LL.M. degree and either the New York or Washington State Bar examination. Some students may find they need an additional quarter to take the extra course work although we have some of the courses online and they may be taken during the summer before the fall quarter.


We also offer Seminars or Tutorials in:

  • Medical Information Privacy (2)
  • Telemedicine (2)
  • Compliance (2)
  • Healthcare Admin Law (2)