Intellectual Property LL.M.

Learn IP law in the heart of Seattle

The UW School of Law is located in one of the world's premier regions for intellectual property production. From aviation to software industry pioneers, from biomedical research centers to game developers, Seattle is a hub for creative minds and entrepreneurial spirit.

Training Lawyers

The IP LL.M. program provides specialized training in intellectual property law, training lawyers to provide legal counsel for scientists, engineers, computer programmers, artists, musicians and writers who hope to change the world through creative work. Students gain expertise in protecting inventions, works of authorship, trademarks and trade secrets, while acquiring advanced skills in advising clients in commercializing intellectual property and litigating intellectual property cases.

Focus on your interests

The IP LL.M. program enables students to explore intellectual property from a variety of perspectives following their interests. Some students will examine the use of intellectual property in the software or biotech industries, while others will learn about its role in research and development or focus on intellectual property in the context of international trade or its impact on public health.

Join an International Community

Seattle is a multinational city and that is reflected in the IP LL.M. program. Each year students from Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe gather here to study intellectual property law, enriching the learning experiences of all through their unique perspectives. In the course of the program students form a close-knit community and a lifelong network of professional colleagues from around the globe.


The IP LL.M. curriculum is balanced equally between practical and theoretical education. Students can tailor their curriculum from more than 30 intellectual property specialty courses, and our outstanding professors and experienced adjunct faculty impart their knowledge and practical experience to all students.

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