M.J. Curriculum China M.J. Curriculum

In Collaboration with National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and Asia Pacific Health Corporation

About the Program

Unlike our other M.J. curricular concentrations, the China M.J. is a one-year (4 quarter) full-time degree program. Students enter the program as a group in summer or early Autumn proceed through the program according to a relatively standardized curriculums as cohorts taking most their courses synchronously throughout the program. Our China M.J. curriculum is designed in collaboration with the Health Human Resources Development Center (HHRDC) of the National Health Commission of the Peoples Republic of China and the Asia Pacific Health Corporation.

The Health Human Resources Development Center (HHRDC) of the National Health Commission of China was established in December 1998. Since its establishment, HHRDC has been dedicated to the development and services for human resources under the direct leadership of the National Health Commission.

The Asia Pacific Health Corporation, headquartered in Huston, Texas was founded in 2018. Since its establishment, APEC Health has been committed to being the bridge to connect the healthcare and higher education community in China to the world and promote international collaborations.

A focus on Chinese Health Care and Business/International Development

This collaborative program is focused on current and future Chinese health care administrators and managers and is designed as a one-year program that will incorporate Intensive English Language Instruction as well as knowledge and education with respect to Transnational Law and Practice.

About the Curriculum

Students enrolled in this program will complete the required MJ courses and a set curriculum of courses relevant to health care regulation and administration or one that focuses upon international development and business administration according to the students’ choices of concentration.  

he curriculum for students focusing on health care regulation and administration includes courses focusing on both private and public health care organizations and systems, regulation options for health care providers and entities, management of health care entities. For students focusing on international development and business administration, the study plan includes courses focusing on business operations for private and public sectors, policy analysis and development, compliance and risk control, and international development.

Application Process

The application process for the China M.J. program is initiated through the National Health Commission of China. Interested potential students should contact the program by email at info@uschinahealth.org or through the WeChat app for application information and assistance.