M.J. Curriculum China M.J. Curriculum

In Collaboration with National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and Asia Pacific Health Corporation

About the Program

Our M.J. program serves a diverse group of students from many professions and many backgrounds. Unlike our other M.J. curricular concentrations, the China M.J. is a one-year full-time degree program. Students enter the program as a group in Autumn and proceed through the program according to a relatively standardized curriculum, as cohorts take most of their courses synchronously throughout the program. We have created a number of curricular tracks to meet their needs and professional aspirations. Notably, this growing program, like other tracks within the M.J., focuses on integrating law with other fields, such as healthcare, business, and technology.

The UW School of Law China M.J. provides our students with the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the law, deepen their study in focus areas, and build a solid foundation of theory with strong practical skills. Through this program, Chinese professionals, administrators and managers, by integrating comprehensive legal knowledge with their focus areas, will be prepared to be innovative leaders ready to apply their expertise effectively in their focus areas, meeting numerous challenges in the constantly changing global environment.

This one-year cohort includes both required foundation and advanced courses in specific areas and will incorporate knowledge and education with respect to transnational law and practice.

About the Curriculum

Students enrolled in this program will complete the required M.J. foundation courses and advanced courses relevant to their focus areas. All students in the China Mj programs are required to take the following foundation courses. These courses will prepare students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the more advanced specialized course in their focus area.

Required Law Courses (20 Credits):

  • B505 Introduction to American Law (5 credits)
    • This course examines the structure of the American legal system and how laws are made. We will survey key doctrinal areas of the law, learn fundamental legal concepts, and explore how the law functions and evolves over time, including legal issues and decision-making related to statutory and/or common law.
  • B550 American Legal System and Method (6 credits with Transnational Summer Institute)
    • This course provides an integrated introduction to the basic structure and principles of the U.S. public and private law systems, to the sources and techniques for basic legal research, and to analytical and writing skills expected of U.S. trained lawyers and graduate students seeking legal analysis skills.
    • The Transnational Summer Institute focuses on three areas: Introduction to the American Legal System and Practice in a comparative setting, Legal Skills and Methodology, and Legal English.
  • A599 Legal Research Methodologies (3 credits)
    • This course seeks to develop and hone legal research skills through multiple assignments and close examination of legal research tools and techniques.
  • B557 Graduate Writing Seminar (6 credits)
    • This seminar prepares candidates in the Graduate Law Programs for the advanced individual research aspect of their program by exploring how to select a research topic and construct research questions, how to develop a thesis statement, and how to organize material and develop argumentation around subsidiary questions.

While completing the required courses, students will work with M.J. Program advisors to structure their electives to meet their goals. Students need at least 45 credits to graduate.

Our China M.J. program currently offers 4 specialized tracks in subject matter areas designed to prepare students for professional opportunities in emerging careers arenas in China: Health Law and Administration; International Development and Business Administration; and Business Regulations and Information Technologies. We also have the capacity to design dual degree programs for students seeking additional credentials to meet their career goals.

Application Process

The application process for the China M.J program is initiated through Asia Pacific Health Corporation. Interested prospective students should contact the program by email at info@uschinahealth.org or through the Chinese website for application information and assistance.