Center for Advanced Study and Research on Innovation Policy

The University of Washington's renowned Center for Advanced Study and Research on Innovation Policy (CASRIP) is home to UW School of Law’s IP, technology, art and entrepreneurship law initiatives.

From its foundation under former UW Law Professor Donald Chisum, through its unparalleled growth with Professor Toshiko Takenaka at the helm, to its expanded breadth under the guidance of today's Faculty Directors, CASRIP has established itself internationally as a premier IP, creativity and innovation law center.

We provide research, teaching and notable events, such as the annual Summer Institute, the Global Innovation Law Summit and the Transnational IP Institute.


Upcoming Events

  1. Ninth Annual UW-TEI Tax Forum
    When: Friday, February 21, 2020
    Where: William H. Gates Hall (LAW)
    Join us for the Ninth Annual UW-TEI Tax Forum to stay current on International, Federal, and State and Local Tax.

  2. 2020 CASRIP Summer Institute
    When: Monday, July 13, 8am – Friday, July 24, 2020, 4pm PDT
    Where: William H. Gates Hall (LAW)
    The CASRIP Summer Institute is one of the most venerable intellectual property programs in the United States. It offers an intensive course on the fundamentals of United States patent law and addresses important legal questions on cutting-edge topics impacting business and innovation. Summer Institute faculty include distinguished professors, patent examiners from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and legal practitioners from the Seattle region and beyond.  
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  3. Global Innovation Law Summit: Open Innovation, Industry Standards, Big Data, Trade Wars: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Innovation
    When: Friday, July 17, 2020
    Where: William H. Gates Hall (LAW)
    The Global Innovation Law Summit (GILS) brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss the most up-to-date legal and policy issues confronting innovation economies (and aspiring knowledge-based economies).  GILS also provides a networking opportunity for participants in the CASRIP Summer Institute.

    This year, GILS will focus on three major topics. First, GILS will explore the relationship between open innovation and intellectual property, including the role of industry standards in innovation and the way companies, universities, NGOs, and governments utilize open innovation.  Second, GILS will address challenges related to the use of personal data in the business models of companies in the information economy.  And third, GILS will highlight the role of intellectual property in world trade and current challenges in key regions of the world. Finally, GILS will devote a special session to the legal ethics of innovation.
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