Global commerce and trade fundamentally impact business lawyers and—through economic development—provide a vehicle to promote impact in Washington and the world.

The Global Business Law Institute builds on UW Law’s strengths in comparative law and international programs, its established global network and the active involvement of world leaders from the business community. The Institute compliments robust programs within the law school — including intellectual property, tax, sustainable international development and law and entrepreneurship — and across the University, thus providing a strong interdisciplinary foundation.

The Global Business Law Institute benefits from the UW School of Law’s longstanding global network of companies, firms and universities. Joint projects with various international universities contribute to scholarship and broaden the student experience.

The Institute positions UW Law at the center of teaching, research, scholarship, policy and practice relating to global business law.


  • Global Business Law JD concentration track
    This JD track readies students for international and U.S. transactional practice and legal policy work in law firms, industry and government.
  • LLM in Global Business Law
    International and U.S. lawyers build cutting-edge knowledge and skills in preparation for careers in transactional practice and legal policy work.
  • Global Business Law Fellows program
    This program provides JD and LLM students with hands-on work experience, networking and mentorship from organizations within the advisory board.
  • International Business Compliance Course
    Beginning Winter 2019, this course covers national compliance issues with lectures and panels featuring leading compliance practitioners and academic experts.

GBLI Programs & Projects

  • The Cape Town Convention Academic Project
    A joint undertaking between UW School of Law and the University of Oxford Faculty of Law, this program studies and advances the aims of this important international commercial law treaty.
  • Comparative Commercial Law Project
    Speaker series and academic events in topical global business law subjects. A joint project with the University of Oxford’s Commercial Law Centre.
  • India Trade and Transactions Project
    A regular forum to discuss law, issues, developments and practicalities related to business transactions in India, developed in partnership with Jindal Global Law School.
  • China Trade and Transactions Project
    A regular forum to discuss law, issues, developments and practicalities related to business transactions in China.
  • Economic Assessment of International Commercial Law Reform
    A joint project with the Commercial Law Centre and the UNIDROIT Foundation.
  • Best Practices in Electronic Registry Design and Operation
    This project seeks to develop and secure international recognition for “best practices” standards for electronic registry design and operation.
  • Events
    ​With UW Foster School of Business and International Studies, the Global Business Law Institute holds interdisciplinary events on timely global business, law and policy topics.

Industry Advisory Board

Seattle’s vibrant business community — with world leaders in global manufacturing, IT, retail and electronic commerce — allows the Global Business Law Institute to draw on the region’s expertise. The industry advisory board is a key element of the Institute, and members of the board include senior legal executives from prominent companies and law firms.

Upcoming Events