Global Business Law Institute Global Business Law Institute Fellows

The Global Business Law Institute aims to help a new generation of lawyers gain the skills needed to work in a global marketplace. To this end, UW School of Law has launched an innovative fellowship program for select J.D. and LL.M. students. The fellowship offers a chance for students to connect with peers interested in similar topics and work with industry leaders and scholars to advance their academic and professional careers.

Global Business Law Internship

With sponsorship from Boeing, the Institute has created a new international internship program open to Global Business Law Fellows.

The internship will allow fellows to learn about international law and business at an international organization, law firm, or university. For the first year of the program, fellows will attend a one-week program at the UW’s Rome Center co-hosted by UNIDROIT. Fellows will see international law making happen firsthand and participate in expert working sessions related to the Institute’s projects.

Fellowship Overview

Once selected, the blended cohort of J.D./LL.M. fellows receives additional mentorship and guidance from faculty and industry partners. International LL.M. and U.S. J.D. students also work closely together as a fellowship class, given their enrollment in classes together and participation in other fellowship activities. GBL fellows will:

  • Bear the designation Global Business Law Fellow on their resume.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled lunch or breakfast events for GBL fellows, focused on career development in GBL.
  • Engage in substantive research related to global business law.
  • Help to organize key events focused on global business law in cooperation with faculty and industry partners.
  • Be partnered with a professional mentor from companies who are members of our Industry Advisory Board (“IAB”) or other companies and firms.
  • Be invited as guests to select events and conferences hosted by the IAB companies.

Application Information

Applications for the Global Business Law (GBL) Fellows program will open for J.D., M.J., LL.M. and Ph.D. students in early fall quarter. Students will be selected on a competitive basis based on their academic record, their prior professional background and their demonstrated interest and commitment to the study and practice of global business law.

Interested students must submit a completed application cover sheet, CV/resume, transcripts and a one-page statement discussing their past experience in the field of global business law and/or their future aspirations in the field. Please send any questions about the application process to