The Global Tax Project develops materials for the teaching of the course Global Perspectives on International Taxation. Taxation impacts many global business decisions, including what form of entity to choose, where to locate business and distribution centers and where to locate intellectual property.

Most courses on the international tax courses in U.S. law schools focus on international taxation from a decidedly U.S. perspective, while many universities around the world offer courses with a more global perspective. The goal of the Global Tax Project is to develop course materials that reflect the collective wisdom and best practices in teaching this complex and dynamic subject.

The course materials will focus on the commonalities in how countries and governing bodies like the EU approach taxing international companies and commercial transactions. The course also discusses countries that approach these matters from a distinctly different approach. Both direct and indirect taxes are considered, as are related areas like State Aid.

This is an open project and collaboration with interested parties is welcome. Contact for more information.