Photo by NASA: Ocean clouds seen from space.

The Space Law, Data and Policy (SLDP) Program is the world’s first interdisciplinary program focused at the nexus of outer space with law, data and policy in global affairs. This nexus animates our core interests in space domain awareness, maritime domain awareness, space traffic management, commercial human spaceflight and geospatial intelligence. SLDP operates under the auspices of the Global Business Law Institute (GBLI) at the UW School of Law.

The founding director of SLDP is Saadia M. Pekkanen, the Job and Gertrud Tamaki Endowed Professor in International Studies and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Law. She works at the intersection of international relations and international law, specializing in the commercial, legal and security policies shaping outer space affairs.

SLDP carries out education and training programs, aiming to serve the diverse practical needs of space-interested audiences across universities, businesses, nonprofits, think tanks, foundations, media, defense and foreign policy establishments and governments worldwide.

Our goal is to generate and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge to students, researchers, practitioners and other decision-makers interested in understanding the realities of space law, data and policy across all regions and strategic domains.

Our educational and training platforms are designed to promote a common understanding of the challenges to security, safety and prosperity in outer space affairs rooted in contemporary geopolitics.

Education & Training Programs

Our education and training programs are aimed at both UW students and non-UW audiences from corporate, government, defense, nonprofit and philanthropy sectors. We support both public and fee-based programs of varying lengths, some of which can be used to fulfill Continuing Legal Education. These academic and executive education programs are described below.

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