Center for Law in Science & Global Health Collaborations

The Center for Law in Science and Global Health actively collaborates with other programs and centers within UW Law and throughout the University of Washington campus. Within the law school, our center collaborates with and complements the Intellectual Property Law and Policy Graduate Program, the Native American Law Center, the Asian Law Center and the Clinical Law Program.

Our students also have access to the courses and research opportunities flowing from our existing partnerships in multidisciplinary teaching and research with the Medical School (notably the Department of Bioethics & Humanities), the School of Public Health (Institute for Public Health Genetics) and the Department of Global Health.

Institute for Public Health Genetics

The University of Washington Institute for Public Health Genetics (IPHG) was established in 1997 with funding from the University Initiatives Fund. The mission of the institute is to provide broad, multidisciplinary training for future public health professionals, to facilitate research in public health genetics, and to serve as a resource for continuing professional education. This multidisciplinary program offers the following degree programs: MPH in Public Health Genetics, MS in Genetic Epidemiology, PhD in Public Health Genetics, and concurrent JD/MPH. The IPHG also offers a graduate certificate in Public Health Genetics for students enrolled in other UW graduate programs.

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP)

The mission of NWCPHP is to improve the quality and effectiveness of public health practice by linking academia and the practice community. Their efforts are focused on six Pacific Northwest states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

NWCPHP works with state and local health agencies and tribal health organizations, primarily through the Northwest Regional Network, to develop and implement a long-term, integrated approach to workforce development. The network assists NWCPHP in setting goals and priorities and also provides mutual resources and support for its members.

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health (CEEH)

The mission of CEEH is to strive to understand and communicate how genetic factors influence human susceptibility to environmental health risks. The Center's organizational structure encourages collaboration. More than 70 investigators from different disciplines work together in six research cores, and in five facility cores that provide specialized research tools and support.