How are law courses graded?

Our undergraduate law courses are graded on the same decile scale as other undergraduate courses. They are not subject to the mandatory curve that JD courses adhere to.

If you are taking a JD course that has been cross-listed as an undergraduate course or is simply open to undergraduates, your grade will be subject to the JD mandatory curve and converted from the law school ABC scale to the decile scale used by the undergraduate schools

How do law courses count towards my undergraduate degree?

Undergraduate law courses typically will count as elective courses towards your undergraduate degree. In some majors, the law courses will count toward distribution requirements.

Do I have to pay additional tuition or fees to take law school courses?

No, there is no additional tuition required to take undergraduate or other law school courses provided you are enrolled as an undergraduate at the UW Seattle. These courses are available to you like any other undergraduate course on campus.

If you are a graduate seeking to enroll as a graduate student, you must enroll as a graduate non-matriculated student and pay the designated tuition for that category of student.

If I decide to go to law school, can any of these courses count toward my law degree?

It is possible that some of these courses, especially those that are law school courses open to undergraduates, may count towards a JD degree should you enroll at the UW School of Law directly after your undergraduate degree. In such a case, we would advise you to work closely with your pre-law advisor and the Associate Dean for Students at the law school to determine how many credits might qualify for law school credit.

Students who are interested in an accelerated curriculum combining a BA and JD should contact the law school directly. We currently do not have a formal BA/JD (3+3) program here at the UW, but are willing to work with motivated students and their major department on an individualized basis to engineer an efficient curriculum to best meet the student's capacity and aims.

How do I register for a law course?

Registration is done through the main campus registration system, just as you register for your other undergraduate courses.

Is there someone I can talk to about my interest in law and get advice on my curricular planning?

Yes, you should speak first to one of the pre-law advisors and they can refer you to an appropriate advisor at the law school as needed.