Tuition and Fees

UW Law remains one of the most affordable institutions of higher learning among law schools. The tuition and fees below are for the 2017-18 academic year.

Annual tuition and fees for JD, PhD, and LLM in Asian & Comparative, Global Business, SID and General Law

TUITION AND UW FEES* Resident Nonresident
JD $34,311 $44,979
LLM in Asian & Comparative, SID, Global Business or General $24,009 $39,504
PhD $21,183 $39,054

* Based on 3 quarters, average 40-45 credits. For more detailed information on tuition and fees for these programs, please visit the Office of Planning & Budgeting.

Annual tuition and fees for Masters in Jurisprudence and LLM in Health, Intellectual Property, and Tax

TUITION Per Credit Annual
LLM in Health or Intellectual Property $876 $35,040
(40 credits required)
LLM in Taxation $776 $27,936
(36 credits required)
Masters in Jurisprudence $567 $25,515
(45 credits required)
UW tech fee $41
Services and activities $231
U Pass Fee $84
Estimated Cost of Attendance*
Books and supplies $825
Room and board $15,051
Personal expenses $2,265
Transportation $1,296
SUBTOTAL $19,437

*International students are required to have health insurance and therefore should add $1,240 to the above