• Asian & Comparative Law LL.M.

    Asian & Comparative Law LL.M.

    Our Asian and Comparative Law LL.M. program has a long and rich history as the first of the UW School of Law's graduate law programs. Lawyers need a sophisticated understanding of legal and regulatory systems beyond their own in order to advise and lead in a complex world of global challenges.

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  • Global Business LL.M.

    Global Business LL.M.

    This program is for U.S. and international students who wish to deepen their knowledge on U.S. and international business law. Built on the strengths of fifty years of comparative law education, we train our students to become professionals in the business world with an international perspective.

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  • Health LL.M.

    Health LL.M.

    This program harnesses the strengths of internationally known schools of law, medicine, public health and public policy to create a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach for improving individual and global health.

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  • Intellectual Property LL.M.

    Intellectual Property LL.M.

    Seattle is one of the premier IP-producing regions in the world. From aviation to software industry pioneers, from biomedical research centers to game developers, Seattle is a hub for creative minds and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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  • Sustainable International Development LL.M.

    Sustainable International Development LL.M.

    This program builds upon the groundbreaking work of founder Roy Prosterman who pioneered land reform as a means to secure prosperity for the rural poor. It is the first graduate program at a U.S. law school to focus on international development law.

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  • Tax LL.M.

    Tax LL.M.

    The Pacific Northwest is the gateway to the Pacific Rim and is home to the world’s largest non-profit organization—Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—as well as the leading corporations, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Nike, Amazon.com, Costco, and Expedia. Accordingly, the Tax LL.M. program is able to draw faculty from a dynamic legal community.

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  • General Law LL.M.

    General Law LL.M.

    The General Law LL.M. offers a customizable course of study for domestic and international legal professionals whose interest areas do not entirely fit into one of the specialized LL.M. programs. It provides students with the flexibility to pursue individualized professional growth and gain a competitive edge in a changing legal profession.

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