Legal practice and legal policy today are interdisciplinary and global. Business lawyers need a sophisticated understanding of legal and regulatory systems beyond their own in order to advise and lead in a complex world of global challenges. We educate lawyers for this changing world.

Our Global Business Law LL.M. program is for international students and U.S. students alike who wish to deepen their knowledge on U.S. and international business law. Built on the strengths of fifty years of comparative law education, we train our students to become professionals in the business world with an international perspective, to understand both the civil code system and common law system and to join the growing worldwide network of young practitioners.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to delve deeply into a wide range of business law courses to develop a specialty within business law. Many of our students come to the Program with rich and valuable experience in international business and they want to engage in more course study in transnational and foreign business law. Others are interested in how corporations and business law function to assist in development and law reform in transitional economies. Regardless of their ultimate goals, our students find the Global Business Law LL.M. program an enriching and nourishing home for them to pursue advanced learning.

Law school classes team U.S. and international students in the same classroom. Working together, they develop skills, credentials and the competence required of lawyers practicing at the highest levels.

Alumni join an international network of legal expertise that is rooted in both deep scholarship and friendship – relations forged over rigorous study, lively debate, and multi-lingual, multi-cultural exchanges.

"Now that I have studied in the United States, my colleagues think I know all US business law. I don’t, but since I was trained in comparative law, I know where to be careful with our U.S. counterparts to avoid misunderstandings."

Masako Banno Tomatsu, LL.M. in Global Business Law 2012

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