Intellectual Property Law and Policy LL.M.


The UW School of Law is located in one of the premier intellectual property-producing regions in the world. From aviation to software industry pioneers, from biomedical research centers to game developers, Seattle is a hub for creative minds and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Intellectual Property Law & Policy LL.M. (IP LL.M.) is closely connected with this dynamic community; indeed we rely upon it for our experienced adjunct faculty and practical experiences. These connections enable students to explore intellectual property law and policy from a variety of perspectives: industry, impact on research and development, public interest, business and international trade.

The IP LL.M. curriculum presents an equally balanced approach between practical and theoretical education. It builds upon a core set of IP classes in the Fall to more advanced topics in the Winter and increased practical application and tutorials in the Spring. Students begin their studies with the IP Law Core series of foundational classes (Trademark & Trade Secret Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law) and Legal Systems and Skills for IP Attorneys (common law and legal research and writing for international students). From there, students can tailor their curriculum with more than 30 advanced, industry-focused, interdisciplinary and tutorial classes to choose from.

Scientists, computer programmers, engineers, medical researchers, singers and writers --they are all here, innovating in ways that they hope will change the world. Our IP LL.M. program trains the lawyers who will help them do so.



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