Employment Law

There is virtually no industry, enterprise or business venture that does not have a significant number of employees. The field of employment law is enormous, global and growing. Human resources professionals are integral to the success of all public and private enterprises and the opportunities for growth and development in the human resources industry is vast.

Students seeking an M.J. in Employment Law will be able to increase their knowledge and professional stature by learning, understanding and being able to apply knowledge of employment law, labor law and workers’ compensation in their current or future positions.

M.J. students will accrue a strong foundation in the legal underpinnings of employment law through our core foundation courses and courses on business and administrative law. They will build on that knowledge with a more nuanced understanding of employment as it is applied in federal, state and local government; public employers; private employers; and unions and employee organizations.

M.J. students seeking to focus on employment law issues will work with our M.J. program personnel and selected employment law faculty members to create a curriculum that correlates to the student’s aspirations.

Example Student Profile

M.J. student who is stuck in clerical job despite an undergraduate college degree.

Professional Goal:
To become a human resources administrative/ management professional with capacity for upward advancement.

Sample M.J. Curriculum:
Foundation Courses: 17 credits
Employment Law-Related Courses: 28 credits

  • Business Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Employment Law
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Labor Law
  • Collective Bargaining & Labor Arbitration
  • Disability Law
  • Law of Non-profit Organizations
  • Corporate Reorganizations and Acquisitions
  • Negotiations
  • Advanced Research and Writing Seminar

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