The M.J. program is designed to be affordable and competitive with similar Master's degree programs. Our program staff works with students to tailor their educational program to fit not only their interests, but also to address financial aid and affordability issues.

Tuition & Expenses

The M.J. degree program tuition is $567 per quarter credit. Students are charged per credit not per quarter. This facilitates the opportunity to proceed through the program on a part-time or extended basis without being encumbered by quarterly tuition, but rather to pay only for the courses that are actually being taken in any one quarter.

In addition, there are three quarterly University fees that all students pay. These fees help fund a variety of student services and programs, renovation of facilities, access to computer resources, and the university's transportation system. They are:

UW Quarterly Fees for 2016-17
Fee Amount
UW Technology Fee per quarter $41
Service & Activities Fee per quarter $231
U-Pass Fee per quarter $84
TOTAL $356

* An additional $45 quarterly fee is required for international students and pays for specialized services used by and for international students.

Financial Aid

Most financial aid for graduate studies is in the form of loans. Students in the M.J. program can seek assistance from the Law School and the Graduate School in finding financial aid. Both schools have financial aid officers to assist students and prospective students.

Our program personnel will work with students to plan their program of study to meet both their academic professional needs and financial capacity. Students working and seeking to improve their credentials may also benefit from tuition support from their employers.

The UW Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS)

GFIS is a resource that current and admitted UW graduate students can use to find funding sources. For students who are new to securing sources of funding, the GFIS Funding Resource Guide contains valuable information regarding sources of graduate funding. It is advantageous to explore GFIS early to find the best funding package for your needs. GFIS recommends starting funding searches 9 to 12 months before award dates.

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