The University of Washington School of Law Ph.D. in Law prepares graduates for global leadership in the judiciary, academia, business and government. Begun in 1966, the program offers a select number of diverse students the opportunity to attain their highest professional aspirations and career goals at a preeminent center for interdisciplinary legal studies. Our graduate students receive individualized attention and guidance from exceptional faculty and staff in a program that offers a global focus and innovative approach to integrating legal scholarship within the humanities and social sciences, medicine and global health, business and industry, technology and entrepreneurship, and public policy.

Ph.D. candidates have a supervised research experience with law school faculty who serve on their Doctoral committees. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, many also have committee faculty from other UW departments and from comparative law scholars at other North American law schools.

Ph.D. candidates are encouraged to publish during their candidature; to present at national and international conferences; to practice classroom teaching; and to report on their research to their classmates and the law school community.

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