Tuition & Financial Aid

As a State-supported institution, the University of Washington's tuition rates offer exceptional value. For the current tuition rate for the Ph.D. in Law, please refer to the University of Washington Tuition and Fees Record and select the category Law Ph.D.

(Most international students will be non-residents for the duration of their study at UW.)

Scholarship Assistance

Scholarship assistance for the Ph.D. program is limited. Tuition waivers, financial assistance, and paid research positions are available only to a small number of candidates--either in their first year of study or at their dissertation writing stage. Accordingly, candidates should budget sufficient funds to cover at least three years of study in the program. The average completion time for the degree at present is 4-5 years.

International applicants for the Ph.D. in Law program seeking financial assistance also should investigate other funding sources such as employers, government agencies and foundations, as well as organizations listed on the Financial Aid Office's International Student web page.

For U.S. students, educational loans are available through the Financial Aid Office.

Other funding information can be obtained from

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