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The University of Washington School of Law has partnered with the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) to create a program that allows students to enter law school after completing 90 credits or finishing their junior year, as long as they have completed the university's general education requirements and the course requirements in their discipline. The first year of law school, taken during what would be the student's senior year, will transfer to UAA as elective credit and will allow students to earn their baccalaureate degree at that time. Following successful completion of the first-year curriculum, students in the program must either (1) undertake and receive credit for a legal externship at an approved judge's chambers, government agency, non-profit organization or with a pre-approved for-profit small or corporate counsel law firm in Alaska, or (2) complete a not-for-academic-credit clerkship with an approved legal organization or law firm in Alaska. Upon completing the next two years of law school, students would graduate from the UW School of Law with their law degree.

This partnership allows students to reduce the costs of their undergraduate education and to enter the workforce one year earlier than they otherwise could. These programs are often referred to as 3+3 programs because qualified students spend three years as undergraduates and three years in law school. Such programs are attractive to any student seeking to reduce educational costs, but they may be especially useful for veterans separating from the military.

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