Apply to the Gates PSL Scholarship


Applicants to the Gates PSL Scholarship must also have submitted an application for admission to the UW Law JD program.

All application materials (including recommendations) must be sent to by January 15, 5 p.m. PST. There are no exceptions.

Application Requirements

  • Application form: Submit a signed and completed form.
  • Cover letter: Submit a cover letter that addresses why you are applying for the scholarship, your commitment and experience in the field of public service or why public service law and the Gates Program are the right fit for you. Your cover letter should not exceed two pages.
  • Essay: The William H. Gates Public Service Law Program is in honor of William H. Gates Sr. and his commitment to public service. Please discuss the factors that have shaped your vision for public service and have influenced your public service commitment. This essay is in addition to the personal statement you submitted as part of your for JD admission, which will also be reviewed by the selection committee. Please limit your response to 700 words.
  • Résumé: Submit a résumé, which details your public service experience.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Submit two letters of recommendation that describe your commitment and potential contributions to public service. Recommendations are to be submitted using the Gates PSL Scholarship Recommendation Form. Recommenders are also encouraged to provide a letter of recommendation that can be included as part of the form. These recommendations are in addition to the letters of recommendation you submitted as part of your JD admission application. The selection committee will also evaluate those letters. Recommendation forms must be signed, completed and emailed to