Donald C. Clarke

  • Affiliate Professor of Law



Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

  • Donald Clarke, "China's Legal System and the WTO: Prospects for Compliance," Washington University Global Studies Law Review, vol. 2, no. 1 (2003): 87-118.
  • Donald Clarke, "China's New Partnership Law" (with Nicholas Howson and Gangliang Qiao), The China Business Review, July-August 1997): 9-15.

Books or Treatises

  • Donald Clarke, Wrongs and Rights: A Human Rights Analysis of China's Revised Criminal Code (New York: Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, December 1998).

Book Chapters

  • Donald Clarke, Judicial Innovation in Chinese Corporate Law, in Legal Innovations in Asia: Judicial Lawmaking and the Influence of Comparative Law 259-72 (John O. Haley & Toshiko Takenaka eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014).
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  • Donald Clarke, "Zhongguo tudi shiyong guanli zi xia er shang de celue" (A Bottom-Up Strategy for Land Use Regulation in China), in Chi Fulin (ed.), Zouru 21 Shiji de Zhongguo Nongcun Tudi Zhidu Gaige (China's Rural Land System Reform Going Into the 21st Century) (Beijing: Zhongguo jingji chubanshe, 2000): 299-303.
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