Daniel Foote

  • Affiliate Professor of Law
  • Dan Fenno Henderson Professor Emeritus


Email: footedh@uw.edu

Daniel Foote


J.D. magna cum laude 1981, Harvard A.B. magna cum laude 1976, Harvard Waseda University, Tokyo, 1974 - 1975

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LAW B 516 International Contracting
LAW B 540 Japanese Law

Daniel H. Foote is Dan Fenno Henderson Professor Emeritus and Senior Advisor to the Asian Law Center. He is Professor of Law at The University of Tokyo, where he holds the post in Sociology of Law.

Foote is a leading scholar on Japanese law. Individually or jointly, he has written or edited eight books and over seventy articles and book chapters in the fields of Japanese and comparative law, including many works in Japanese. Major research interests include legal education, the legal profession, the judiciary, criminal justice, dispute resolution, justice system reform, labor and employment, legal implications of the 2011 disaster, and the interrelationship between Japanese law and law elsewhere in Asia. His research involves a heavy focus on the relationship between law and society, with a strong empirical focus.

In addition to UW and UTokyo, Foote has taught as visiting professor at Harvard Law School, UCLA, and Kagoshima University; and he has lectured widely. Foote also has an extensive record of public service. He has served on numerous government, professional and academic councils and committees.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Books or Treatises

  • Yukio Yanagida & Daniel H. Foote, H?b?do: Takuetsu no himitsu -- H?b?do r? suk?ru no eichi ni manabu [Harvard: Secrets to Its Preeminence -- Learning from the Wisdom of Harvard Law School] (Y?hikaku, 2010). 266 pages.
  • Gendai Nihon no funs? shori to minji shih? 3: Saiban keiken to sosh? k?d? [Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Japan 3: Litigation Experience and Litigation Behavior] (Daniel H. Foote & Sh?z? ?ta eds., University of Tokyo Press, 2010). 265 pages.
  • H?shakaigaku no shinsedai [A New Generation for Sociology of Law] (Sh?z? ?ta, Ry? Hamano, Daniel H. Foote & Masayuki Murayama eds., Y?hikaku, 2009). 371 pages.
  • Law in Japan: A Turning Point (Daniel H. Foote ed., University of Washington Press, 2007). 667 pages.
  • Daniel H. Foote, Na mo nai kao mo nai shih?: Nihon no saiban wa kawaru no ka [Nameless Faceless Justice: Will Japan’s Courts Change?] (Masayuki Tamaruya trans., NTT Shuppan, 2007), 356 pages.
  • Daniel H. Foote, Saiban to shakai: shih? no “j?shiki” saik? [The Courts and Society: Reconsidering “Common Knowledge” Regarding Justice] (Masayuki Tamaruya trans., NTT Shuppan, 2006). 328 pages.
  • Tokeru sakai koeru h? (4): media to seido [Dissolving Borders, Transcending Law (4): Media and Systems] (Daniel H. Foote & Yasuo Hasebe eds.) (Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2005). 179 pages.
  • Yukio Yanagida, Daniel H. Foote, Edward S. Johnson, Jr., J. Mark Ramseyer & Hugh T. Scogin, Jr., Law and Investment in Japan: Cases and Materials (2d ed. Harvard University Press, 2000). 557 pages.
  • Yukio Yanagida, Daniel H. Foote, Edward S. Johnson, Jr., J. Mark Ramseyer & Hugh T. Scogin, Jr., Law and Investment in Japan: Cases and Materials (Harvard University Press, 1994). 734 pages.

Book Chapters

  • Daniel H. Foote, Saiban’in seido ni taisuru ishiki ch?sa; kenky? no igi to kongo no kadai [Attitude Survey Regarding the Saiban’in System: Significance of the Research and Future Tasks], in Nihonhin kara mita saiban’in seido [The Lay Participation (Saiban’in) System, as Viewed by the Japanese] (Matsumura Yoshiyuki, Ota Sh?z?, Kinoshita Manako eds., Keiso Shobo, forthcoming 2015).
  • Daniel H. Foote, H?ritsuka no yakuwari: Gassh?koku to no hikaku o ch?shin ni [The Roles of Jurists: Centered on Comparisons with the United States], in H? no hend? no ninaite [The Bearers of Legal Change] (Atsushi Omura ed., Iwanami Shoten, forthcoming 2015) (Gendaih? no d?tai, vol. 5).
  • Daniel H. Foote, Cause Lawyering in Japan: Reflections on the Case Studies and Justice Reform, in Going to Court to Change Japan: Social Movements and the Law in Contemporary Japan 165-80 (Patricia O. Steinhoff ed., University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, 2014).
  • John O. Haley & Daniel H. Foote, Judicial Law-making and the Creation of Legal Norms in Japan: A Dialogue, in Legal Innovations in Asia: Judicial Lawmaking and the Influence of Comparative Law 77-122 (John O. Haley & Toshiko Takenaka eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014).
  • Daniel H. Foote, Introduction and Overview, in Law in Japan: A Turning Point xix-xxxix (Daniel H. Foote ed., University of Washington Press, 2007). 667 pages.
  • Daniel H. Foote, Keiken, tay?sei, soshite h? [Experience, Diversity, and the Law], in Ayako Nozaki, Seigi, kazoku, h? no k?z? tenkan: riberaru feminizumu no saiteii [The Structural Transformation of Justice, the Family, and Law: A Repositioning of Liberal Feminism] 227-37 (Kei Yoshinaga trans., Keis? Shob?, 2003).
  • Daniel H. Foote, Amerikajin wa Nihonjin yori Nihonteki na no ka? [Are Americans More Japanese Than the Japanese?], in Ningen no kokoro to h? [People’s Souls and the Law] 212-42 ((Hayao Kawai & Masunobu Kat? eds., Y?hikaku, 2003).
  • Daniel H. Foote, Reflections on Japan’s Cooperative Adversary Process, in The Japanese Adversary System in Context: Controversies and Comparisons 29-41 (Malcolm Feeley & Setsuo Miyazawa eds., Palgrave Macmillan, 2002).
  • Daniel H. Foote, Deregulation and Labor Law: The United States, in Deregulation and Labour Law: In Search of a Labour Concept for the 21st Century 147-68 (Roger Blanplain ed., Kluwer, 2000), reprinted in Il diritto del lavoro statunitense: un sistema deregolamento? (Michele Tiraboschi tr.), Diritto delle Relazioni Industriali, no. 2, 1999 at 125-37.
  • Daniel Foote, Reflections of a Former Law Clerk, in 2 Matsuo K?ya Sensei Koki Shukuga Ronbunsh?, Gekan [Essays in Honor of Professor K?ya Matsuo on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday] 796(1)-751(46) (Kuniji Shibahara, Noriyuki Nishida & Masahito Inouye eds., Yuhikaku, 1998).

Book Reviews

  • Daniel H. Foote, Book Review, 26 Wash. Int'l L.J. 137-45 (2017) (reviewing Who Rules Japan?: Popular Participation in the Japanese Legal Process (Leon Wolff, Luke Nottage & Kent Anderson eds., 2015).

News Media

  • Daniel Foote, "Shihô ni nani o nozomu ka" (What I Desire for the Justice System), 1170 Jurisuto 146 (2000).
  • Daniel Foote, "Nichibei hikaku keiji shihô no kôgi o furikaette" (Perspectives from Teaching Comparative US-Japan Criminal Justice), 1148 Jurisuto 165 (1999).
  • Daniel Foote, "Nihon ni okeru keiji shihô - keizokusei to henka" (Continuity and Change in Japanese Criminal Justice), 36 Hikakuhô 69 (1999).
  • Daniel Foote, “Nihon no kyôchôteki tôjishashugi’ no kôsatsu,” 115 Hô no shihai 92 (1999). (Japanese translation of above article, “Reflections on Japan’s Cooperative ‘Adversary’ System.”).
  • Speaker, "Comparative Corporate Governance: Japan as Worthy Focus", Symposium, Globalization of Japanese Companies and International Corporate Legal Practice, Keio University Law School (January 14, 2017)

  • Speaker, "Developments in Japanese Law School Education", Symposium, Legal Education: Present and Future Global Challenges, Keio University Law School (January 13, 2017)

  • Keynote, "“Nihon kigyo no eizokuteki hatten ni shisuru homubumon no yakuwari: The Inside Counsel Revolution o tegakari ni” [The Role of the Legal Department in Contributing to the Lasting Development of Japanese Corporations: Hints from The Inside Counsel Revolution]", 19th Biennial General Meeting, Association of Corporate Legal Departments (Japan) (November 28, 2016)

  • Speaker, "Comparative Empirical Study of Dispute Resolution: Japan as Object and Source", American Society of Comparative Law Annual Meeting (October 28, 2016)

  • Panelist, "Local Innovations in Civil Procedure", Annual Meeting: Comparative Law for a New World: Engaging Asia and Beyond, American Society of Comparative Law (October 28, 2016)

  • Speaker, "The Expanding Role of Local Government Lawyers in Japan", Inaugural Annual Meeting, Asian Law and Society Association (September 23, 2016)

  • Keynote, "“‘Nihon no hogaku kyoiku inshoki’: 30nengo no saiko – jitsumu kyoiku o chushin to shite” [Reflections on “Impressions of Japanese Legal Education” Thirty Years after Its Publication – with a focus on practice-related education]", Pre-Symposium for the Ten-Year Anniversary of the Founding of the Japan Clinical Legal Education Association, (July 23, 2016)

  • Speaker, "“‘Shimin no shihosanka to minshushugi’ ni tsuite: kan’yakusha kara no hitokoto" [On publication of the Japanese-language translation of The Jury and Democracy: A Word from the Supervising Translator]", Meeting, Japan Association for Sociology of Law, Kanto Branch (June 11, 2016)

  • Reader, "Author Meets Readers Session: Dimitri Vanoverbeke’s “Juries in the Japanese Legal System: The Continuing Struggle for Citizen Participation and Democracy", Annual Meeting, Law & Society Association (June 3, 2016)

  • Speaker, "East Asian Court Reform on Trial: Diversification of the Japanese Judiciary", Annual Meeting, Law & Society Association (June 3, 2016)

  • Discussant, "Panel: Who Belongs, Who Doesn’t – Law, Citizenship and Political Economy in the 21st Century Asia", Annual Meeting, Law & Society Association (June 3, 2016)

  • Discussant, "Civil Justice System and Legal Policy", Annual Meeting, Law & Society Association (May 29, 2015)

  • Speaker, "Japan’s New "Jury" System: A Five-Year Progress Report", Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture, University of Washington (December 3, 2014)

  • Speaker, "Fifteen Years of Justice System Reform in Japan", Asian Law Lecture Series, University of Washington School of Law (October 21, 2014)

  • Keynote, "Kicho hokoku: Saiban’in seido no koseki to kadai” [Keynote Address: Achievements of and Challenges for the Saiban’in System]", 66th Plenary Meeting of the Chugoku Region Bar Associations, (October 12, 2012)