Jeffrey Wool

  • Co-Director, Global Business Law Institute
  • Professor of Global Business Law


Phone: (206) 543-2261


B.A. 1985, Florida State University J.D. 1988, Columbia University

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Expertise

Comparative Law — Business and Corporate Law — International Business Compliance — International Business and Trade Law — International Law — Transnational Law

Recent Courses

LAW E 505 International Business Compliance

Professor Wool is the Professor of Global Business Law and the Co-Director of the Global Business Law Institute. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford and an Associate Member of its Law Faculty. Professor Wool teaches transnational commercial law, comparative commercial law, and international business compliance. He directs joint Oxford – UW law academic projects on (1) economic assessment of international commercial law reform, (2) best practices in the design and operation of electronic registries, (3) comparative commercial law, and (4) the Cape Town Convention.

He serves as secretary general of the Aviation Working Group, an international industry group that works on the development of policies, regulations and rules designed to facilitate advanced international aviation financing and leasing. Professor Wool is special counsel at international law firm Blakes, based in the firm's New York office, and is President of the UNIDROIT Foundation, a Dutch organization that contributes to and supports the work of UNIDROIT.

Professor Wool has been and remains involved in all aspects of the development and implementation of the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (Cape Town Convention), including as chairman of the group that prepared the initial draft of the Aircraft Protocol thereto and chairman of the International Registry Advisory Board. He coordinates the Aviation Working Group's consultations with countries around the world on the ratification and implementation of, and compliance with the Cape Town Convention. On behalf of AWG, he has established a global network of contact groups, including major firms in contracting states, to monitor, assess, and address issues that arise working with the treaty in practice.

Professor Wool is a co-author of Transnational Commercial Law. He is a consultant on the academic version of the publication and its specialist editor dealing with the relationship between commercial law treaties and national law. He has published recently on the design of commercial law treaties seeking economic benefit and compliance with commercial law treaties.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Books or Treatises

  • Roy Goode, Herbert Kronke, Ewan McKendrick & Jeffrey Wool, Transnational Commercial Law: International Instruments and Commentary (2d ed. Oxford University Press, 2012). 1 vol.
  • Roy Goode, Herbert Kronke, Ewan McKendrick & Jeffrey Wool, Transnational Commercial Law: International Instruments and Commentary (Oxford University Press, 2004). 1058 pages.

Professional Publications

  • Jeffrey Wool, Lessor, Financier, and Manufacturer Perspectives on the New Third-Party Liability Conventions, 22 Air & Space Law., no. 4, 2010 at 1, 23-27.