Rob Britt

  • Coordinator of East Asian Library Services


Phone: (206) 543-7447

Rob Britt

Rob Britt has worked in the East Asian Law Department of the Law Library (formerly called the Comparative Law Department) since 1987.  Rob is responsible for selecting and cataloging East Asian legal materials.  He also helps people use East Asian law-related databases and other resources, does research on East Asian law for faculty and staff, and gives presentations on using East Asian legal materials. He has traveled to other law schools and libraries in the United States, Australia, and Japan to give presentations on Japanese legal research and related topics.

Rob has a B.A. in English literature from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, an M.A. in teaching English as a Foreign Language from Southern Illinois University, and an M.A. in International Studies from the Jackson School of International Studies at the UW. He’s a member of the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) and the Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL), and Chair of the CEAL Library Technology Committee.