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Vision Statement

Law lays the foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and just society. As our world grapples with increasingly complex societal problems, UW School of Law stands as an impactful change agent. Through our leading-edge student experience, commitment to a public mission, research and innovation mindset, we are creating positive change right here in Washington and around the world. Together – with our faculty, staff, students, supporters and graduates – we are a force for good.

The campaign for the UW School of Law is your opportunity to make a difference in the future of law in our society. Join us in the school’s most ambitious effort in history to prepare lawyers and other law-educated leaders who will guide our state, nation and world for generations.


Excellence in Law Fund

The most important fund for the school, the Excellence in Law Fund provides vital flexibility for continued improvements in all key areas, including instruction, research, student support, faculty retention, new initiatives and one of the nation’s leading law libraries. Scholarships change lives and set students on the path to become leaders in all areas of law, business and public policy. Faculty financial support enables our thought-leading faculty to engage in important public dialogue and to spend non-teaching hours producing influential research and writing. Support for innovative programs makes a real difference in addressing today’s most pressing problems, including juvenile justice reforms in Washington, new ways to safeguard online privacy and leading-edge education for the next generation of global leaders.

Your support will provide a remarkable opportunity to not only sustain one of the great law schools in the nation, but to create the very best public school of law in the world.


Law Student Scholarship Fund

Law schools must attract the most capable and committed students to preserve our democratic principles and to uphold the rule of law that maintains fairness and protects the most vulnerable. Yet many talented students do not consider legal careers; when they do, they choose other schools that are able to offer more attractive financial incentives. The stakes are too high, the issues that face us too great, to allow this trend to continue. We must recruit and support the leaders our world so desperately needs. By significantly increasing our endowed scholarships, we will increase access to our law school and attract the most talented prospective law students from otherwise under-represented populations.

Your support will open doors to boundless opportunities that engage students’ impassioned desire to create a better world.


Law Faculty Excellence Fund

Our faculty members have pioneered areas of uncharted legal theory and practice and won Supreme Court cases. They’ve launched highly successful corporations and founded innovative nonprofit organizations. Your gifts will bring the best teachers and scholars to inspire students, to influence law and policy and to develop programs that will dramatically impact business, public service and people’s lives. This fund also provides support for the nationally renowned Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library.

Your support will ensure that the top legal scholars inspire our students and influence our region and the world for generations.


Experiential Education Fund

Our innovative programs make a real difference in addressing today’s most pressing legal challenges while expanding students’ legal skills. With 12 in-house clinics, students build a variety of skillsets – from litigation to mediation to transactional work – and forge a lasting impact for clients and the communities we serve. Students can practice hands-on lawyering with mentors and engage in experiential learning opportunities ranging from the Washington State Supreme Court to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The Trial Advocacy Program and wide array of lawyering skills courses provide students the chance to practice new skills and enhance their ability to apply legal theory in context.

Your support will help students explore their passions and learn what a profound difference lawyers can make in people’s lives.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund

At UW School of Law, we ground our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in our identity as a public law school and our mission to prepare leaders for the global common good. Programs such as the Gregoire Fellows bring greater diversity to the school and the legal profession, developing a pipeline of diverse law students and supporting them throughout their education. To increase equity within the law school and with external partners, the new role of associate dean for community engagement and equity was created and furthers the school’s goals to build a more inclusive community.

Your support will allow us to extend our influence in these critical areas and as serve as a role model in advancing equity and diversity in our profession.


Global Good and Prosperity Fund

The outstanding work of our programs and centers impacts an array of disciplines in our global community, including technology policy, global business, public service and social justice. A variety of programs prepare students for opportunities to learn global business law, sustainable development and international law while working closely with faculty and practitioners. The Global Business Law Institute readies lawyers for international practice through cutting edge teaching, research and scholarship. The Asian Law Center supports the next generation of lawyers, scholars and policy makers in Asia and developing economies through rigorous LL.M. and Ph.D. programs.

Your support will enable us to shore up our existing programs and develop new ones for issues not yet imagined.


Campaign co-chairs

  • Joel ’71 and Maureen Benoliel
  • Kent ’67 and Sandy Carlson
  • Greg ’85 and Valerie Gorder
  • Lonnie Rosenwald ‘94


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