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  • Robot Law II (Ryan Calo, Michael Froomkin & Kristen Thomasen, eds., Edward Elgar Publishing forthcoming ).

  • J. Stuart Showalter & Sallie Thieme Sanford, The Law of Healthcare Administration (10th ed., Health Admin. Press, forthcoming 2023).

  • Ryan Calo, Law and Technolpogy: A Methodical Approach (Oxford University Press forthcoming).

  • Zahr K. Said, Tort Law: A 21st-Century Approach (CALI eLangdell casebook series) (2d ed. forthcoming June 2022).

  • A Guide to Civil Procedure: Integrating Critical Legal Perspectives (Brooke Coleman, Suzette Malveaux, Portia Pedro, & Elizabeth Porter eds., N.Y.U. Press forthcoming May 2022).

  • Zahr K. Said, Tort Law: A 21st Century Approach (CALI eLangdell casebook series) (July 2021).

  • Lisa Marshall Manheim, Constitutional Law: Structures of Government (2021).

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