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Once you are accepted by the program, $800 deposit must be paid to secure your slot in the program. This deposit payment will be applied toward your scholars program fee.

Pay your deposit


The UW School of Law works with the International Scholars Operations (ISO) office to issue your “Certificate of Eligibility” DS2019, which costs $300 (new rate effective July 1, 2020) per person. This document is needed to apply for a J visa through your local U.S. embassy.

Pay DS2019 fees

We need to receive your deposit payment and DS2019 processing fee reimbursement to the UW School of Law before we can move ahead with your visiting scholar appointment.


After you make your payments, please send the following documents to

Visas for Studying in the United States

All international visiting scholars at the University of Washington who are not U.S. citizens must maintain a valid visa status for the duration of their visit (limited exceptions apply). Upon acceptance, the Visiting Scholars Program Coordinator and the UW Office of International Scholars (ISO) will assist the scholar in obtaining the documents (DS-2019 form) necessary in order to request a J-1 visa. For more information, please check the University of Washington J-1 Reference Guide.

Program Orientation

New Visiting Scholars orientation takes place by appointment, typically on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the UW School of Law or as otherwise arranged.

When paying your program and DS-2019 fees, please note that we strongly prefer credit card payments but will accept personal checks and money orders (exact amount) when pre-arranged. We do not access cash.

Pay Visiting Scholars Fee

Important Information for J-1 Visa Holder

J-1 Scholars must check-in with ISO within 30 days of arrival to the U.S. Please register online to attend an ISO Mandatory Check-In.

Other useful information about coming to the U.S., health insurance, and other resources is available at the University of Washington J-1 Reference Guide.