Visiting Scholars Resources for Visiting Scholars

Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practices

All international visiting scholars are welcome to participate in the Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice at UW Law for an additional fee.

The Summer Institute is a two-week intensive non-credit program at the Law School specifically designed to introduce international law students and attorneys to the structure, culture, and thinking of the American Legal System. The program focuses on three areas—Introduction to the American Legal System and Practice, Legal Skills and Methodology and Legal English. Sample topics include the United States Constitution, government branches and sources of law, the criminal and civil court systems and procedures, how to read and brief cases and persuasive legal writing and argumentation. All will be taught by law faculty and practitioners who are experienced in cross-cultural communication.

English Programs

Visiting scholars may enroll in a UW ESL course or a comparable class during their stay on a part-time basis only, as the visiting scholar visa status requires full-time engagement in research. Separate fees apply for ESL courses. See additional information about UW’s ESL courses or contact AEP advisor at


Housing on the UW campus is typically for students only. As a visiting scholar you are considered faculty, which makes you eligible to rent an apartment in Radford Court off campus. It is a very nice complex not too far from the University and on the bus route.

Visiting Faculty Housing Service

Many visiting scholars make arrangements through the visiting faculty housing office. Please look at their website or contact them directly by email at This is where faculty on sabbatical and other individuals nearby the University will typically list their houses, and visitors seeking housing would list their needs. The office will then try to match up directly.

Off-campus Housing

Seattle is divided into numerous unique neighborhoods. Most University of Washington students prefer to live in neighborhoods such as the University District, Ravenna, Wallingford or Capitol Hill for their proximity to the University. You can find off-campus housing resources at the UW Housing & Food Services website.


If you would like to live with a host family for a short time before finding permanent housing or prefer to rent a room in someone's home, you can learn more from the UW International & English Language Programs or the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS).