Shefelman Faculty Workshops

Through scholarship and service, UW Law faculty influence public policy and shape legal theory. Faculty workshops nurture our dynamic community of scholars and teachers and allow the UW School of Law to showcase the work of distinguished scholars from our campus and from other universities. The workshops are a forum for provocative and innovative legal scholarship and provide an opportunity for faculty to exchange ideas with other scholars, to foster relationships with other institutions, and to collaborate on works in progress.

Winter 2023 Workshops

Jan. 19 Eric Schnapper, UW School of Law
The Future of Section 230
Jan. 26 Monika Ehrman, SMU Dedman School of Law
Gravitational Property Theory
Feb. 2 Johnny Mack, Allard School of Law - UBC
Turning Sideways, Intimate Critique and the Regeneration of Tradition
Feb. 15 Dongsheng Zang, UW School of Law
Privacy and National Politics: Fingerprint and DNA Litigation in Japan and the United States compared
March 2 Zohra Ahmed, UGA School of Law
Beyond Competency