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Bubacarr Drammeh to be Graduate Student Speaker at 2020 Commencement

Bubacarr Drammeh, a former State Attorney in The Gambia, will be the Graduate student speaker for the University of Washington School of Law Graduate class of 2020. (Source: The Gambia Times)

A drone flying in a blue sky.

Safety or surveillance: drones and the COVID-19 pandemic

The fact we have to ask, "can — and should — flying robots monitor social distancing or remotely measure body temperatures?" speaks to the incredible times in which we live. UW Law Professor Ryan Calo unpacks the subject with Molly Wood on Marketplace.

Enlisting Big Data in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Professor Ryan Calo submitted testimony in a paper hearing on the use of aggregate and anonymized data and privacy rights related to COVID-19 data collection. (Source: U.S. Senate)

Outdoor crowds test limits of social distancing as leaders weigh ‘very strong’ emergency powers to fight coronavirus

Forced to work from home, with kids’ toys crowding the living room and restaurants drawing shut, many in Seattle and beyond have turned to the outdoors — too many, it turns out. Hugh Spitzer is quoted. (Source: The Seattle Times)

To stop COVID-19, Washington implements measures not seen since Spanish flu

To contain the spread of COVID-19, Washington state is turning to a technique rarely used in the century since the Spanish flu killed nearly 700,000 Americans — mandatory social distancing. Hugh Spitzer, a law professor at the UW, is quoted. (Source: Crosscut)

Daylight savings year-round could save lives, improve sleep and other benefits by Prof. Calandrillo

"DST saves lives and energy and prevents crime. Not surprisingly, then, politicians in Washington and Florida have now passed laws aimed at moving their states to DST year-round." Source: CNN