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James R. Ellis '48 remembered

Alumnus Jim Ellis, who preserved Washington’s nature and spearheaded public works, dies at 98. Source: The Seattle Times

Opponents say I-1000's affirmative-action policy would hurt veterans. This UW law expert disagrees

The measure, which Washington state voters will decide on in November, also has the support of many veterans groups. Professor Hugh Spitzer is quoted. (Source: Crosscut)

Concerns arise over Hawaii prosecutor son’s job

Professor William Bailey is quoted by the Associated Press.

What consumers should know about Equifax $700M settlement

Equifax will pay at least $700 million — and potentially much more — to settle lawsuits over a 2017 data breach. Professor Calo is quoted. (Source: The Associated Press)

‘We’re elated’: Suddenly the liberal dream of an income tax is tantalizingly real

The Seattle city high-earners' income tax was ruled unconstitutional Monday. But the ruling actually was everything the city had dreamed for when it launched this longshot experiment in progressive taxation. Professor Hugh Spitzer is cited. (Source: The Seattle Times)

Outcry pushes Phoenix to roll out body cameras for officers

But even when used correctly, “technology is not a substitute for building trust,” said Mary D. Fan, a professor at the University of Washington School of Law and author of “Camera Power: Proof, Policing, Privacy and Audiovisual Big Data.” (Source: the Associated Press)