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San Francisco becomes first city in U.S. to ban facial-recognition software

Jevan Hutson, a University of Washington law student, is quoted. (Source: The Washington Post)

KUOW's the Record: Ryan Calo on supermarket surveillance

Every time you make a purchase, in store or online, businesses learn more about you. Should you be worried? (Source: KUOW)

Want a nonpolitical Supreme Court? Try a foreign model

"The real solution is to amend our constitution’s mechanism for Supreme Court appointments and switch to a system less prone to partisanship." — Professor Hugh Spitzer (Source: The Seattle Times)

Who protects you from making a bad purchase... on your smart speaker?

"We're interacting with technology that we bring into our houses as though we were interacting interpersonally," Calo said. (Source: Marketplace)

This immigration bill won’t pass but is still a ‘major win'

University of Washington law professor Mary Fan says that HR-6 matters, even if it doesn’t pass, because the legislation is “not about gaining political consensus, but about demonstrating values.” (Source: PRI)

You would be much happier on permanent daylight saving time

Researchers say that extra hour of sunshine saves lives on the roadways, reduces crime, increases leisure activity and may save a little electricity. Steve Calandrillo, a professor of law at the UW, is quoted. (Source: Vice News | HBO)