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Outcry pushes Phoenix to roll out body cameras for officers

But even when used correctly, “technology is not a substitute for building trust,” said Mary D. Fan, a professor at the University of Washington School of Law and author of “Camera Power: Proof, Policing, Privacy and Audiovisual Big Data.” (Source: the Associated Press)

After measles outbreak, WA toughened its vaccine law. Could Congress do the same?

A few new bills in Congress focus on combating misinformation about vaccines, but would not limit exemptions as several states have. Professor Hugh Spitzer quoted. (Source: Crosscut)

How close is Washington state to using self-driving trucks?

UW Law Professor William Covington said the first thing to remember is there are varying levels of autonomous vehicles, the upper echelon of which are still largely out of reach. (Source: MyNorthwest)

San Francisco becomes first city in U.S. to ban facial-recognition software

Jevan Hutson, a University of Washington law student, is quoted. (Source: The Washington Post)

KUOW's the Record: Ryan Calo on supermarket surveillance

Every time you make a purchase, in store or online, businesses learn more about you. Should you be worried? (Source: KUOW)

Want a nonpolitical Supreme Court? Try a foreign model

"The real solution is to amend our constitution’s mechanism for Supreme Court appointments and switch to a system less prone to partisanship." — Professor Hugh Spitzer (Source: The Seattle Times)