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Trump’s 'border crisis' doesn’t exist — but experts say the pain his policies created does

President Trump gave a prime time address about what he called the "National Security crisis on our Southern Border" in a tweet. Mary Fan is quoted. (Source: Bustle)

California could soon have its own version of the internet

A series of laws passed in California this year raise a new possibility: that individual U.S. states will splinter off into their own versions of the internet. Ryan Calo is quoted. (Source: Wired)

U.S.-China faceoff puts Canada in an awkward position

Mary Fan spoke to CBC Radio about "time-honoured" agreements between and Canada and the U.S.

Apple Lawsuit Could Impact How Courts View Antitrust Cases

Professor Winn is quoted on this case that could mean big things for the ways that manufacturers defend against antitrust suits. (Source:

Washington keeps close eye on permanent daylight saving time vote in California

Professor Calandrillo "has written several papers and op-ed’s on why daylight saving time would benefit many people in Washington, and throughout the country." Source: Q13

Washington state ends ‘racially biased’ death penalty

UW Law alumna Lila Silverstein, JD '06, was part of the legal team that successfully argued that the death penalty is arbitrarily applied and is not applied proportionally, as the state Constitution requires.