UW Law Celebrates Scholarly Excellence

The faculty at the University of Washington School of Law continues to enhance its reputation for scholarly excellence. This spring, our faculty placed articles in journals at the nation's top law schools, including the Columbia Law Review, the University of Chicago Law Review, the California Law Review and the Georgetown Law Journal.

Their articles reflect the diversity of expertise among our faculty members and cover a wide range of timely and important topics, including cybersecurity, gay rights, intellectual property, gun violence prevention, land rights, financial regulation and judicial review. These and other scholarly accomplishments by our faculty contribute to UW Law's reputation as one of the world's most respected centers for interdisciplinary legal scholarship.

A representative sample of our faculty's articles that were most recently accepted for publication during this spring submission cycle can be found below.

Professor Steve Calandrillo Professor Steve Calandrillo

Making 'Smart Growth' Smarter, forthcoming in the George Washington Law Review.

Professor Ryan Calo Professor Ryan Calo

Robotics and the New Cyberlaw, forthcoming in the California Law Review.

Professor Mary Fan Professor Mary Fan

Legalization Conflicts and Reliance Defenses, forthcoming in the Washington University Law Review.

Disarming the Dangerous: Preventing Extraordinary and Ordinary Violence, forthcoming in the Indiana Law Journal.

Professor Sanne Knudsen Professor Sanne Knudsen

Adversarial Science, forthcoming in the Iowa Law Review.

Professor Anita Krug Professor Anita Krug

Downstream Securities Regulation, forthcoming in the Boston University Law Review.

Professor Peter Nicolas Professor Peter Nicolas

[G]a[y]ffirmative Action: The Constitutionality of Sexual Orientation-Based Affirmative Action Policies, forthcoming in the Washington University Law Review.

Professor Sean O'Connor Professor Sean O'Connor

The Overlooked French Influence on the Intellectual Property Clause, forthcoming in the University of Chicago Law Review.

The Lost 'Art' of the Patent System, forthcoming in the Illinois Law Review.

Professor Elizabeth Porter Professor Elizabeth Porter

Taking Images Seriously, forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review.

Professor Kathryn Watts Professor Kathryn Watts

Rulemaking As Legislating, forthcoming in the Georgetown Law Journal.