UW Professors and Student Win Best Paper at IEEE Ethics 2014

posted Jan 01, 0001

Professor Ryan Calo
Professor Ryan Calo

Congratulations to UW Law Professor Ryan Calo, Professor Howard Chizeck from the UW School of Electrical Engineering and UW Electrical Engineering graduate student Tamara Bonaci, who won the best paper award at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, and Technology. This year's inaugural conference was held on May 23-24th in Chicago, IL and topics ranged from ethical behavior of robots (and people interacting with robots), to ethics in engineering education and ethical issues in experiment design.

Their award-winning paper is titled, "App Stores for the Brain: Privacy & Security in Brain-Computer Interfaces". It addresses the risks of extraction of private information from users of brain computer devices, including neurogaming. In particular, the authors consider ways to mitigate this problem, including methods to provide privacy by design.

Bonaci is a member of the University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab, where Professor Calo is a Co-Director. She participated in the Lab’s Scholars’ Studio earlier this year, where she answered questions about her research, including topics covered in the award-winning paper.

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