Every year, thousands of potential students from all walks of life apply to law school. For those who get in, the journey starts long before they set foot in a classroom.

In 2019, four prospective J.D. candidates were accepted on early admission to UW Law and began their transitions to becoming full-time law students. Follow along from the moment they are accepted through the end of the year to experience life as a 1L.

Moses Merakov's family immigrated to the United States from Uzbekistan shortly before he was born. Inspired by their hard work and sacrifice in order to build a life in the Pacific Northwest, Moses wanted to make his parents proud and set his sights on becoming a lawyer at a young age.

Moses graduated from the University of Washington Bothell in spring 2019 and is foregoing a gap year before starting law school in the fall. Before that, he is headed to Israel to travel, study and discover his roots in Jerusalem. Understanding who he really is, Moses said, is the key to knowing how he should conduct himself as a lawyer as prepares for what lies ahead.

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