Internship Spotlight: Suellen Camargos and Ijeoma Unachukwu

Suellen Camargos and Ijeoma Unachukwu were leading parallel lives long before they met at UW Law.

Both had successful careers as attorneys in their home countries of Brazil and Nigeria, respectively. Both watched their countries grow as technology hubs. And both shared a common goal that inspired them to move halfway around the globe to shape the future of technology through the power of the law.

Suellen and Ijeoma are LL.M. students in UW Law's Intellectual Property Law program, which is one of the top IP programs in the country. As part of their experiential learning education, the two close friends and colleagues leveraged internship opportunities to spend the summer at RealNetworks, a global tech company based in Seattle.

There, they shared dual responsibilities advising the company on how the law can amplify, rather than inhibit, the most cutting-edge technology, from facial recognition to artificial intelligence. Watch to learn more about the impacts Suellen and Ijeoma made through their experience this year.