Every year, thousands of potential students from all walks of life apply to law school. For those who get in, the journey starts long before they set foot in a classroom.

In 2019, four prospective J.D. candidates were accepted on early admission to UW Law and began their transitions to becoming full-time law students. Follow along from the moment they are accepted through the end of the year to experience life as a 1L.

Lawyering is a family affair for Ali Johnson. Yet despite deep roots in the Seattle community, Ali ultimately forged her own path — one that took her to Southern California, Washington, D.C., and back home to realize her biggest dream.

As an intern for a junior senator on Capitol Hill, Ali experienced firsthand the mechanisms that drive social and political change, and she too wanted to make a difference on the same scale. So, amid a flurry of profound life changes, she moved on from a successful career at a top public relations firm to take the next step toward a career in law.

"It was a little bit overwhelming but was also an incredibly exciting time because in many ways, all of these things that I've wanted to do for so long are finally coming to a head," Johnson says. "I feel like my adult life is really getting started and kicking off, and I'm very excited to see what lies ahead."

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