The University of Washington School of Law recognizes Awards of Excellence recipients annually for their outstanding dedication in teaching, learning, mentoring, public service, advocacy, student support and more.

The award recipients were honored at the UW Law virtual commencement ceremony on June 7.

“We are proud to recognize our exemplary students, faculty and staff for their educational achievements, teaching, dedication, service and scholarly work,” said Mario Barnes, UW Law’s Toni Rembe Dean and UW professor of law. “These are tremendous accomplishments, and we are grateful for the many contributions these individuals have made to our school and community.”


Dean’s Medalists

  • Lindsay Cason
  • Kylie Fisher

Order of Barristers

  • Samuel R. Alvarez
  • Lulu Camille Anderson
  • Mallory C. Barnes-Ohlson
  • Danika Lynn Duffy
  • Hannah Rebecca Godwin
  • Treja Monique Jones
  • George Leach
  • Michael McNeil
  • Austin J. Neff
  • David Wang

Eugene Wright Scholars

  • Sydney Arizona Bay (2020)
  • Maria Y. Hodgins (2019)

Carkeek Award

  • Patrick Medley

CLEA Clinical Students of the Year Award

  • Sydney Bay
  • Kylie Fisher
  • Noelle Symanski

Mary Ellen Krug Award for Excellence in Labor & Employment Law

  • Devon Blevins
  • Ellicott Dandy
  • Jack Miller

Spirit of Alena Suazo Award

  • Madeleine Christine Vidger

Jack MacDonald Merit Award

  • Jevan Alexander Hutson
  • Kingsly Alec McConnell
  • Adam Mitchell Griffis

Hugh Miracle Opening Statement Winner

  • Lulu Camille Anderson
  • Lena Berberich-Eerebout
  • Charles Berry
  • Rachel Gluckman
  • Katie Haas
  • Chelsea Holub
  • George Leach
  • Gabrielle Lindquist
  • Arielle Roter
  • Alisa Smith

SBA Justice C.Z. Smith Public Service Award

  • Karla Mairyn Davis

SBA Award for Student Service

  • Kayvon T. Behroozian

SBA Inaugural Golden Gavel Award Recipient

  • Dean Anna Endter

Pro Bono Students of the Year

  • Lindy Laurence
  • McKenzie Elizabeth Legg

Pro Bono Honors 

  • Jennifer Aronson
  • Sarah Waneta Atchinson
  • Sydney Arizona Bay
  • Devon Blevins
  • Marcia H. Cho
  • Kaylee Cox
  • John O. Curry
  • Ellicott Dandy
  • Karla Mairyn Davis
  • Hannah Driscoll
  • Kylie Fisher
  • Sara Beth Frase
  • Hannah Rebecca Godwin
  • Marc Greenough
  • Adam Mitchell Griffis
  • Gráinne Sinéad Griffiths
  • Maria Yvonne Hodgins
  • Catherine Holmes
  • Jevan Alexander Hutson
  • Estella Jung
  • Lindy A. Laurence
  • McKenzie Elizabeth Legg
  • Gabrielle Lindquist
  • Eric G. Lombardo
  • Sydney Miyahara
  • Austin J. Neff
  • Tia Q. Nguyen
  • Ashley S. Park
  • Maya Ramakrishnan
  • Dakota Rash
  • Connor Rowinski
  • Meredith L. Ruff
  • Marisa Russell
  • Eva Sharf
  • Elizaveta Soulina
  • Tommy Statkiewicz
  • Joseph Alexander Toups
  • Monique Vazquez-Davis
  • Madeline Vidger
  • Liam Weiland
  • Ben Zisk

Mary F. Starr Staff Person of the Year

  • Margaret Kolberg

Philip A. Trautman Professors of the Year

  • Elizabeth Porter, 1L
  • David Ziff, Small Section
  • Mary Fan, Large Section

Husky 100

  • Ria Kuruvilla

2020 School of Law Gonfalonier

  • Zola Valashiya


General Law

Academic Excellence Award

  • Marcia Cho

Spirit of Excellence

  • Goitome Fekade

Global Business Law

Academic Excellence Award

  • Mariola Lisewska

Health Law

Academic Excellence Award

  • Daniel Donauer

Intellectual Property Law & Policy

Academic Excellence Award

  • Shelly Mittal

Academic Excellence Award

  • Shinji Ishizu

Spirit of Excellence Award

  • Zong-Wei Lin

Master of Jurisprudence

Academic Excellence Award

  • Calico Goodrich

Spirit of Excellence

  • Ana Eugenia Dvoredsky

Leadership Award

  • Shaz Meftahi            

Sustainable International Development

Academic Excellence Award

  • Chang Liu

Roy Prosterman Leadership Award

  • Ida Knox
  • Kenzie Legg
  • Bubacarr Drammeh


Meade Emory Endowed Prize

  • Helena Koval

Ph.D. Program

Outstanding Dissertation Award

  • Siradj Okta

Graduate Faculty

Faculty Excellence in Graduate Education

  • Theo Myhre


UW Distinguished Teaching Awards Nominees

  • Kimberley Ambrose
  • Elizabeth Baldwin
  • Benjamin Halasz
  • Theo Myhre