Trainings, consults available for entrepreneurs and BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women business, nonprofit owners

UW Law Professor Jennifer Fan and Professor Elizabeth Umphress from the UW Foster School of Business have partnered to help entrepreneurs and BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women-owned small businesses and nonprofits mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

The initiative, “Helping BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Women-Owned Small Businesses Survive and Thrive Post-COVID-19,” is funded by the UW’s Population Health Initiative and will feature five virtual negotiation trainings led by Professor Umphress, as well as several one-on-one free legal consults for small-business owners.

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Registration through The Seattle Public Library is required, which can be done by selecting individual events. Explore the full schedule of topics and dates below.

For questions about the initiative or help with trademark, patent or company formation issues, reach out to UW Law’s Entrepreneurial Law Clinic or learn more here.

Legal Consults

Virtual consults will be offered every other Wednesday beginning July 29, 2020, through November.

During each 30-minute consult, Professor Fan or a volunteer attorney will assist entrepreneurs and BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women small-business and nonprofit owners navigate corporate, employment and intellectual property issues.

Reference librarians from The Seattle Public Library will also be available to help with resources.

Virtual Office Hours—Employment Law Consults:

Virtual Office Hours—Intellectual Property Law Consults:

Virtual Office Hours—Corporate Law Consults:

Negotiation Trainings

The free negotiation trainings are designed to help small-business owners and entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary to discover optimal solutions to problems faced in negotiations and to find the best means to implement those solutions.

The first training session will be an introduction to negotiation, followed by trainings for more specific negotiation situations held throughout August and September.

Each of the hour-long trainings will be followed by a Q&A session so business owners can ask questions and learn more about appropriate negotiation tactics.

Introduction to Negotiations

Single-Issue Negotiations

Negotiations with Multiple Issues

Influence Tactics and Advanced Negotiation Strategies

Multiparty Negotiations



为应对新冠肺炎疫情对小型企业带来的消极影响,华盛顿大学法学院Jennifer Fan教授与华盛顿大学Foster商学院Elizabeth Umphress教授合作,旨在为创业者,BIPOC群体, LGBTQ+群体,女性所有的小型企业,和非盈利组织提供帮助。这次“帮助BIPOC群体, LGBTQ+群体, 女性所有的小型企业战胜新冠肺炎疫情”主题活动,由华盛顿大学公众健康计划资助。此次活动将包括由Umphress 教授主讲的五场线上商业谈判培训,以及为小型企业业主提供的免费、一对一在线法律咨询服务。

从2020年7月29日起至之后的几个月期间,每两周一次,我们将提供免费线上一对一法律咨询服务。具体时间为周三下午,4点到6点。每次咨询服务时间为30分钟。Jennifer Fan教授或者律师志愿者将为创业者,BIPOC群体,LGBTQ+群体,以及女性所有的小型企业,提供公司法, 劳动法,和知识产权法相关的法律咨询。西雅图公共图书馆参考员也会在现场帮助提供相关的信息资料查询,索引服务。





如果您有任何活动相关问题,或者您的企业有商标注册,专利申请,公司成立等方面的问题,请邮件联系华盛顿大学Entrepreneurial Law Clinic 或者点击此链接了解更多信息。

除了免费法律咨询服务,我们还计划于8月和9月为创业者,BIPOC群体, LGBTQ+群体, 以及女性所有的小型企业提供商业谈判技巧培训。请点此链接了解更多相关信息。